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Introducing Goldmedal Swimming!

Introducing Goldmedal Swimming!
06/13/2016 Kris Asleson

Welcome to the brand new Goldmedal Swimming, launched just in time for the 2016 Olympics!

Goldmedal Swimming was created to give swimmers an outlet to express their love for swimming beyond just suits, caps and goggles.

Goldmedal is the first lifestyle brand built for swimmers to proudly represent their sport at school, on (non-meet) weekends, and any other time they are not in the water. Swimming is not a sport generally known for cool, exciting brands that catch the attention of others — especially those who aren’t swimmers.

Our goal is to build a community, together with you, where swimming gets the respect and admiration it deserves from the outside world as well as within the swimming community.

Goldmedal swimmers are trend setters as well as dedicated athletes.

Goldmedal swimmers are trend setters as well as dedicated athletes.


Goldmedal Swimming was founded by two former collegiate swimmers, Kris Asleson and Kyle Homad, who share their thoughts below on the launch of this vision:

Kyle Homad-

Swimmers are weird. Swimmers are out of their minds! Swimmers cannot control their energy! A swimmer feels best when he is with like minded individuals! For too long, I’ve walked among these land mammals unable to fit in as I think about the values I learned through the sport I love. On swim team, there is such a commitment to team, each other and success. It is hard to find something as unique as this, even in other sports. As soon as I would get out of the pool area, the conversation would be so far removed from swimming I would feel like an outsider. The other athletes and sports got so much more attention. Where was the collection of pride among my fellow swim athletes outside of the pool area? Where was their voice? This is why we started GoldMedal Swimming: to bring awareness to the values we as swimmers swear by on a day to day basis. These values are hard work, determination, competitiveness, and enthusiasm. Let’s find each other when we are away from the pool. As an active member of swim team from the age of 6 to 23 years old, I swam on USA swim teams, YMCA swim teams, high school swim teams and collegiate level teams. I have coached at all these levels also. Swim team developed me into who I am today. I take a lot of pride in that and so will you!

Kris Asleson-

I grew up playing basketball along with being a full-time swimmer. Even though my swimming life took more time, energy, dedication and commitment, I found myself trying to build my self-expression and lifestyle around the basketball community. The culture was more popular, commanded respect, and the top brands produced clothing and accessories that held much more of a ‘cool factor’ compared to anything I found in the swimming community. Goldmedal Swimming was created for swimmers who want to share their culture with the world in a fresh, new way that gets respect from both the swimming community and everyone outside of it as well.

Thanks for visiting, now go scoop up some great Goldmedal products and tell the world! (You can use the #goldmedalgrind hashtag to show up on our website’s live hashtag feed)


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