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Important Nutrition Tips Every Competitive Swimmer Needs to Know About

Important Nutrition Tips Every Competitive Swimmer Needs to Know About
06/08/2018 gmsblog

Are you looking to increase your endurance in the water? Searching for that extra edge?

Swimming is one of the most difficult physical activities your body can undertake. Humans aren’t equipped with gils or fins to help us swim better, so we have to develop strength in our arms, legs and core.

In order to swim well you need to eat well. This article will give you important nutrition tips so you can improve as a competitive swimmer.

1) Pack in the Protein

Protein is incredible important for athletes of all types.

Eating adequate protein enables your body to recover from your tough swim sessions. The faster you recover, the faster your body can get back in the water.

You should aim to eat one gram of protein per pound of body weight. Eat this protein quickly after your practice in order to help your muscles recover.

One clever way to get more protein is to drink a protein shake after your workouts. Your protein shake can even be filled with fruits and vegetables so it’s extra healthy for you.

2) Drink Plenty of Water

As a swimmer, you’re not used to wiping off heaps of sweat from your brow after practicing your sport.

However, this doesn’t mean that your body isn’t losing water. You need to stay hydrated before, during, and after your swim practices so that your body can work it’s best.

Staying hydrated helps your muscles recover and your whole body to run more efficiently.

Try to get at least 13 cups of water per day and more if you’re especially active.

3) Avoid Fast Food

If you want your body to perform at the peak of it’s potential, you need to feed it high quality foods.

Fast foods are terrible for your health and will cause your swimming performance to suffer. Fast food is filled with chemicals and grease that can cause stomach cramps and bloating before a big meet.

It’s best to avoid fast food always, but especially 48 before a big swim competition.

During this period stick to whole, healthy foods that will fuel your body rather than slow it down.

Go Out and be the Best Competitive Swimmer You Can Be

These nutrition tips will help you to be an amazing competitive swimmer.

Think of your body like a car and your food like gasoline. You want to give your car enough gas to run, just like you want to give you body enough calories to run well.

Feed your body healthy, protein packed foods and be sure to drink plenty of water.

When you start to follow a healthy nutrition plan you’ll notice your swim speeds will start to improve!


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